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Dress for Less: Zendaya Coleman

Celebrities are ALWAYS stylish, from causal looks to red carpet events. I always love what they wear however I don't like the expensive price tag attached to most of the clothes. That is why I was inspired to recreate iconic looks on a budget so I could get the look for less. Trying to think who's looks I wanted to recreate was hard because so many celebrities wear amazing outfits. I finally thought about who's style I liked the most and Zendaya came to my head. Her red carpet looks are always so versatile. Her style is so edgy and different yet can be so chic which is why I thought her outfits would be perfect to recreate.

Outfit #1
Knit Jumper Dress-Boohoo in Nude

In total to recreate this look it would cost £50 excluding shipping whereas Zendaya's exact pieces would set you back by £770. I think this look is super simple yet elegant. It can eailsy be recreated due to how simple it is and you can also add to it which makes it even better.

Outfit #2

I absolutely love this look. It is so elegant yet the leather look gives it a edge. Unfortunately I couldn't find a jumpsuit like this however the top is similar and black culottes would pair nicely with it. I would just accessorise with a sliver necklace just like Zendaya did. If you bought the same clothes and jewellery you would be out of pocket by nearly £10,000 however to recreate it is cost just under £50.

Outfit #3

I love how the skirt is the eye catcher in this outfit and the rest of the outfit is very plain to let it shine. Definitely super easy to recreate. I couldn't find the price of Zendaya's actual pieces, though if you recreate the look it would only cost you £50.

Recreating looks is definitely the way to look fashionable and not break the bank. With all the amazing clothing brands such as boohoo or prettylittlething, you can easily create looks on a budget(they also always have deals on which is a bonus). If you have any looks you want me to try and recreate feel free to email me or tag me on Instagram, and I will happily try.

Do you like Zendaya's Style? Which is your favourite look that you would recreate? Do you like the 'Dress for Less'?

Thanks for reading
Love H x

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